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Information Technology Challenge for Divya Youth (Global it challenge for youth with disability)

Why in the discussion ? The Global IT Challenge for Youth With Disability, 2018 will be organized in New Delhi on November 9-11, 2018, by Department of Personnel with Disabilities, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment. India is organizing the event this year with the cooperation of the Korean Government and Disability International. What is the Global […]

Nandankanan Zoological Park

The Central Zoo Authority has opposed the move to move the tigers caught from the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha to Nandankanan Zoological Park. According to the National Zoo Policy, 1998, no zoos will select animals from the jungle, except for the acquisition of animals for approved breeding program and new blood transfusion in ingrid […]

Act East Policy’ in India

Why in the discussion? Following the ‘Act East Policy’ in India, there have been high level talks and agreements between India and Singapore in recent days, which has further strengthened the mutual relations between the two countries. key points In addition to bilateral negotiations between India and Singapore, more than 20 arrangements have been made […]

India is preparing to leave 8 highly endangered vultures (India to Release 8 Critically Endangered Vultures)

Why in the discussion? India, white backed vulture, which is in a highly endangered category, will release 8 cherished captive guards with tracking device. With the help of these devices, the causes of the death of Gidda will be known and due to that, the deaths of other Gidhs can be prevented. Important facts These vultures […]

Oumuamua alien spacecraft or asteroids? (Oumuamua: Asteroid, comet or alienspaceship?)

Context Astronomers operating on ‘Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System’ (Pan-STARRS) tool 1 in Maui, Hawaii, on October 19, 2017, came out of the constellation 32 miles in the distance from the constellation Lira to some unknown destination I saw an unusual body. Important point The glow of this body changes dramatically at a […]

Agreement between India and Morocco (Morocco & India agree to assist)

Context Recently, India and Morocco signed a Memorandum of Understanding related to mutual legal assistance in the civil and commercial courts. Key points of agreement Execution of summons and other judicial documents or procedures Taking evidence in civil cases Documenting, presenting, identifying and investigating documents Request letter for evidence in civil cases Recognizing and implementing […]

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