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Month: September 2018

What is electromagnetic induction? Laws of electromagnetic induction.

Friends hamse aksar pucha jata hai ki sir what is electromagnetic induction. To dear students aaj ham isi ke bare me baat karege ki electromagnetic induction kya hota hai. Iske bare me detail janege. Electromagnetic induction ka start Scientist Farady se hua. Sabse pahle electromagnetic induction ka khoj Faraday ne hi kya tha. Jab kisi coil […]

What is circular motion? Vritya gati kya hai ? Types of circular motion.

What is circular motion? Yah question mujhse aksar pucha jata hai. Baise to circular motion sare student ko pata hota hai. Lekin cicular motion ke bare me detail knowledge bahut kam student ko pata hota hai. Islie aaj ham circular motion ke bare me detail knowledge prapt karege. Circular motion kitne type ka hota hai […]

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